LUGARCIA - Founded by “Luke” & Kami “Garcia”, who are unwilling to be ordinary.
From two individuals who love fantasy and innovative, to leading a group of young and energetic makeup artists and photographers who are sharing the same dream and passion for perfection, LUGARCIA aims to create its extraordinary culture.
Our mission is to bring our happy living attitude to everyone. We wish you can find our young, energetic and happiness in our photography and makeup work.

luko ho
Luke Ho
Creative Director . Designer . Pre-wedding and Wedding Photographer

Worked for advertising industry over a decade, Luke starts up his own business with his vision and creativity. With his art and design experience, Luke’s incorporates his fashion sense into his signature photography work. Luke aims for perfection, focuses on the composition, and appreciate foreign art and creativity. He is willing to bring those ideas to his own work.

kami garcia
Kami Garcia
Makeup Director . Makeup Tutor . Art Direction

Kami loves makeup art, fashion, shopping, travel and dining, She is the blogger of《WHOOSH》. She has high expectation on quality of life, and is imaginative, constructive, well planned, passionate, and believes that nothing is impossible.
Apart from educating and sharing things that related to makeup, Kami believes that inspiring others’ thought and art senses are much more important than learning a skill, thus she builds LUGARCIA and its brands.

keith choi
Keith Choi
Senior Videographer . Wedding Photographer

Keith is cheerful and has sense of humor. He loves using a lively approach to record the most important moments of our clients. He would also apply cinematic techniques to capture the valuable scene of every couple. Keith is very energetic, and also loves shooting still wedding images, which makes him becomes a versatile videographer and photographer.

ida yuen
Ida Yuen
Senior Makeup Artist

Ida loves learning and improves herself continuously. She is specialized in Japanese makeup style, and has distinctive perspective towards beauty. Ida stays close with trend, and always bring new ideas to her brides.
Apart from Makeup, Ida also has her own fashion sense, she loves to try different styles - Vintage, Korean and Japanese are her favorite styles.
She wishes to travel and explore around the world.

winnie chow
Winnie Chow
Senior Makeup Artist

Winnie is willing to accept challenges and has good communication skills, which makes her beloved by her clients . Her outgoing personality helps her understanding clients’ needs easily. She love western makeup style which draws out the best version of the bride's natural complexion and features. She is also strong at natural makeup style, which is currently loved by most of the brides.

bebe lo
BeBe Lo
Professional Makeup Artist

BeBe developed her strong sense of Japanese culture since childhood. Her fluency in Japanese helps her understand the Japanese makeup technique. She also loves travelling around the world, with her knowledge in Korean and European make up techniques, she integrates different cultures into her unique makeup style.
She has good senses of color and beauty, makes her makeup more sophisticated. Her strong language competency makes her beloved by brides from all over the world.

karbie yau
Karbie Yau
Professional Makeup Artist

From professional beautician to a makeup artist, Karbie knows how to cater clients' skin conditions perfectly. Being patient and strong in observation helps her understand clients’ needs. She is strong in natural makeup style. Her attentiveness, high efficiency, thoughtful and caring personality are well-liked by her clients.