Hong Kong Pre-Wedding Photography Packages

Add a unique experience to the lead up to your special day with a photoshoot in another country. This type of photography prior to the ceremony is a fantastic way to engage with your chosen photographer, explore another country before getting married and to receive some stunning portraits of you and your partner. Through custom and creative styling, paired with beautiful overseas scenery, all our brides and grooms look like leading characters in an advertisement campaign. In these few years, we have taken pre-ceremony photos in many countries across the globe, for a long list of clients.

There are several reasons you may engage in an overseas photography session before your ceremony. The primary purpose is to get you comfortable in front of the camera, as well as to develop a relationship with your photographer. Experiencing your photographer in action gives you the opportunity to understand how they work, allowing you to decide if they are the right fit for you.

Why Choose Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography Packages?

In the lead up to a wedding, many couples experience stress which can put strain on their relationship. Rather than waiting for your honeymoon, why not experience a short trip to another country prior to your special day? Engaging in some photography before your big day can allow you and your fiancé to relax and reignite your passion for each other whilst learning how to relax in front of the camera.

An overseas photoshoot provides you with beautiful, natural photos of you and your partner in a location different to that of your wedding. Along with our international services, we offer Hong Kong pre-wedding photography services so you can enjoy some relaxed and beautiful portraits in your home country.

Our Passion, Your Love

We love taking beautiful photographs which capture the essence of your relationship and love. Whether you are looking for a relaxed shoot, bridal makeup or something more serious, our photographers can provide you with the solution. We offer packages across Japan, Korea, Thialand, Rali, Guam, Europe, Austrlia, Singapore, China, the United States and more. Contact us through our enquiry form to find out more about our Hong Kong and overseas packages and services.