Professional Bridal Makeup Services in Hong Kong

KAMI, our experienced makeup artist with 10 year experience and in-depth understanding of Japanese aesthetic, applies Japanese serious attitude in her styling. She is good at Japanese, European and Korean styles as well as many more. She picks the advantages of each style to do artist–liked designs for clients.

Whether you are looking for classic and subtle bridal makeup or a dramatic concept design, we have the solutions for you. We can offer you professional styling for any indoor or outdoor photo or film shoot. From advertising campaigns to artistic wedding designs, Kami is equipped with the knowledge and skill to develop the right design for you. Our bridal makeup service in Hong Kong allows you to access one of the most experiences artists on your special day or for pre-wedding photos. Look good and feel confident in all your photos and throughout the day with our professional services.

Participate in Our Makeup and Hair Styling Course

We offer you the chance to develop skills and learn new tips and tricks with one of the best stylists in Hong Kong. Choose to take part in our makeup and hair styling course and advance your skills in this area. You will be guided through the basic techniques and then taught how to apply those to different scenarios. Expand your skillset with knowledge in different colour matching techniques and hair designs. You can turn your basic knowledge into advanced comprehension with our course.

Why Lugarcia?

At Lugarcia we are passionate about all things visual. From photography to weddings and even film shoots, we offer high-quality bridal styling service to clients across Hong Kong. Everything you need to capture the beauty and love shared between you and your partner is right here at Lugarcia. Choose a dedicated team to capture your love.